What Is Acca Insurance and How to Make a Guaranteed Profit With It

by S. Ateljevic  ·  April 7, 2021

Accumulators let you combine several different selections into a single bet. To win an acca, you have to predict correctly the outcomes of each selection, which is why accumulators are one of the hardest bets to land.

If you’re a fan of accumulators, you should always use acca insurances to cover your bet. However, if you have never used them before and you’re wondering what acca insurance is, we will help you learn everything about these betting promotions and show you how they are used. 

Moreover, we will cover a betting strategy that you can use with acca insurances to profit. 

6 Quick Facts on What Acca Insurance Is

  • Bookmakers generally offer acca insurance to players who miss only one selection on their accumulator bet.
  • Bookmakers offer a stake refund or a free bet as a part of the acca insurance promotion.
  • 5+ acca insurance is what you call a promotion offered by a bookmaker that insures your five-fold accumulator.
  • You can use sequential laying with acca insurance to guarantee profit.
  • Profit Accumulator and Oddsmonkey offer one of the best acca generators on the market.
  • Acca insurances are most popular with football and horse racing betting.

How Does Acca Insurance Work?

Acca insurance is a promotion offered by bookmakers that allows you to get a refund or a free bet in case one of your selection busts. To use acca insurance, you must register at a bookmaker and opt in for the promotion.

Before we get any further, you should know that the exact details of acca insurances vary from one bookmaker to another. For example, to become eligible for the promotion, you will have to bet on a set number of matches, and you will also have to bet on the minimum odds outlined by the bookmaker.

Nowadays, most bookmakers require you to bet on five or more selections to claim acca insurance, which is what 5+ acca insurance is. In case the promotion is referred to as 4+ acca insurance, this means that you will have to bet on four or more selections to become eligible to claim the acca insurance.

Of course, don’t forget that this promotion is only available if only one of your selections loses. If two or more of your selections bust, you won’t qualify for the acca insurance promotion.

Additionally, the last thing you should know before we get into acca insurance strategies is that bookmakers may limit how much money you can receive in free bets with the acca insurance. For that reason, it is important to always read the terms and conditions of each acca insurance promotion before placing an accumulator bet or opting for a promotion.

Acca Insurance Strategy

Unfortunately, acca insurances can only comfort you after a bad beat at best, and they don’t generally do much for you if your predictions are way off. However, with a little bit of math, a decent bankroll, and modern-day software, you can use acca insurance to your advantage and make a guaranteed profit.

In the following section, we will show you a betting strategy that revolves around this promotion, and help you learn how to make a guaranteed profit with acca insurance.

Of course, while there are many acca insurance strategies out there, such as the no lay method or the lay at start strategy, many of them are not risk-free, unlike the one we are about to show you. For that reason, we recommend learning as much as you can about sequential laying and sticking to it.

What Is Sequential Laying


Sequential laying is a betting strategy that can be used with various bets, and it is most popular when using football or horse racing acca insurance.

The first thing that you will need to use sequential laying effectively is an acca generator. While you don’t technically need one, these generators will do most of the heavy lifting for you, and you will be able to reap the rewards in the end.

There are several acca generators on the market, and the ones we recommend are Acca Catcher from Profit Accumulator and the one offered by Oddsmonkey.

While learning how acca insurance works together with sequential laying might seem complicated at start, the whole process is virtually automated with acca generators. Moreover, one of the best features of the acca generators is that they can automatically create a five-fold accumulator for you, based on the strategy you are looking to use.

Step by Step Guide


Once you have your five-fold acca bet ready, head to the bookmaker where you plan to get the acca insurance promotion from and place your bet. After placing the bet, you need to wait for the first match to end. If your selection at the bookmaker wins, you will lay at the betting exchange against the second match that’s played on your betting slip.

This is where the calculator comes in handy, as it will show you how to make guaranteed profit with acca insurance by doing all the work and tell you the amount you need to stake when laying a bet to ensure profits.

If the second match is a win at the bookies, you will lay again at the betting exchange. However, this time, you will need to stake a higher amount at the betting exchange. Again, based on the odds of your accumulator bet, the acca generator will automatically calculate how much you need to stake to ensure profit. Moreover, the generator will automatically calculate how much you need to stake if one of your selection loses as well.

The way this acca insurance strategy works is that you will repeat this procedure until you lose twice at the bookmaker because in case that happens, you are no longer eligible to claim the acca insurance promotion. Remember, most bookmakers allow you to claim acca insurance if only one of your selections fails.

Whether you are using football or horse racing acca insurance with this strategy, an important thing to know is that the higher the odds on your accumulator bet, the more money you will need in your betting exchange account to cover lay liability.

Securing Profits


In case all five of your selections win, you will simply make a profit as long as you underlay the final selection. If you win four selections but miss one, you will lose a small amount of money. However, you will receive, let’s say, a £50 bet in return because of the acca insurance promotion.

You can then use that £50 in various match betting strategies. Once you are done learning what acca insurance is, you can check another guide on our website and learn how matched betting works and how to secure profits with it every single time.

Even if the free bet is lower than £50, you will simply enter the amount of the bonus into the software and the program will take that into account when calculating how much you need to lay at the betting exchange.

Of course, while you can do everything by hand, you will have to work out the amount you need to stake manually, depending on the odds on your accumulator bet. You will also have to find and create viable five-fold accumulators by yourself, which is extremely time-consuming. Moreover, you will have to repeat the same process each time you plan to use a new football or horse racing acca insurance.

If you insist on doing everything manually, make sure to remember that knowing the result of a fixture is essential so that you know how to proceed with the next step in your sequential laying strategy. For that reason, you should ensure there is a gap of at least a few hours between each selection on your list so that you have enough time to work on your math and place a lay bet at the betting exchange. For a smooth experience, check out our list of best betting apps for UK players.

Summary: Acca Insurance Explained

Virtually every reputable bookmaker in the UK offers an acca insurance promotion. As we mentioned before, the details of these promotions will vary from one provider to another, so make sure to read the fine print and learn how to claim and use yours.

While it takes only seconds to learn what acca insurance is, mastering how to use it effectively in a betting strategy might take some time. However, as long as you use acca generator software, the whole process becomes a piece of cake.