5 Tips to Help you Learn How to Win Football Accumulators in 2023

by S. Ateljevic  ·  April 13, 2021

Accumulator bets allow you to place multiple bets and combine them into a single betting slip, which can result in potentially massive payouts. For that reason, they are one of the most popular betting types among punters. However, accas are also the hardest bet type to land because there are multiple bets involved. Luckily for you, we’ve prepared several tips and tricks to help you learn how to win football accumulators and beat the bookies.

8 Quick Facts on How Football Accumulators Work

  • Accumulator bets combine several different bets into a single one.
  • You should use easy to predict bet types like over/under in your accumulators.
  • A lot of bookmakers offer acca insurance and acca boost bets.
  • Tools like Oddschecker can easily help you find the most valuable bets.
  • Adding more betting markets to an acca bet can make it easier to win the best and also improve the overall odds.
  • Accumulator bets are the hardest to land, but also the most profitable.
  • The more you know about football, betting markets, and bookies, the easier it will be to place a winning bet.
  • A four-fold refers to an accumulator bet containing four betting selections, while a ten-fold acca is composed of ten betting selections.

1. Research Thoroughly

The best way to win football accumulators is to do your research. It is crucial for any betting strategy, and it is particularly important for accumulator bets. After all, the more information you have, the easier it will be to make a winning bet, and since you are technically placing multiple bets, it makes research that much more important. The bare minimum you should do is research the league you’re betting on and check the current standings.

However, if you wish to start making money on football accumulators and further improve your odds of landing a winning bet, you should always dig deeper. For example, check a team’s track record and see if it is on a winning streak. Moreover, a team is as good as its players, so make sure to learn as much as you can about the players, their form, and whether some of them are suspended or unable to play due to injury.

Lastly, check both teams’ home and away records because even a favourite can lose if they are playing against a team that’s exceptional at the home pitch.

While there is a ton of other information you can obtain to help you start winning on football accumulators, sometimes you don’t even have to do the research yourself. If you don’t feel like doing all the heavy lifting, you can rely on popular tipster sites like Betting Gods where professional punters share their expertise and tips on football matches.

2. Find the Best Odds

After you’re done researching football, teams, and players, you should focus on researching the bookmakers and finding a bookie offering the best and most valuable odds. Namely, the best way to learn how to make money on football accumulators is to always find the best odds. Even though the difference between the odds might seem relatively small, it does add up. The more bets you add to the acca bet, the more impactful the difference in odds is.

Of course, the odds continuously change, and no single bookie will always offer the most valuable odds at all times. For that reason, you shouldn’t be afraid to change a bookie and pursue better value elsewhere if the opportunity presents itself.

Even though all the research might sound tedious, it will make a difference in the long run and will help you learn how to win big on football accumulators, especially if you’re an avid punter. To make your life a lot easier, you can rely on websites like Oddschecker that find the best odds across multiple bookies and provides you with a lot of other useful information.

3. Make Use of Bookmakers’ Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are another reason you shouldn’t stick to a single bookmaker. As you may be aware, bookies often have various promotions that you should take advantage of. While most of these bonuses are reserved for the new players, bookies offer acca insurance promotions regularly. This allows you to have a part or even all of your stake refunded if you miss just one selection.

Apart from insurance bets, bookmakers also offer acca boost promotions, which can help you learn how to win big on football accumulators once you learn how to take advantage of them. Namely, these promotions are tailored specifically for accumulator bets, and the bookies will significantly boost the value of the odds you include in an acca bet with an acca boost promotion.

Additionally, you can always find more promotions from time to time, especially during popular football events like the Euro Cup, World Cup, and the Champions League. Make sure that you are always on the lookout for new bonuses and use them for your acca bets whenever possible.

4. Don’t Chase Huge Wins

Once you learn how to win football accumulators, you will notice that you shouldn’t always take big risks and go after huge wins. As we mentioned earlier, the hefty payouts are what makes accumulator bets as popular as they are. However, just because you can, it doesn’t mean that you should always add as many selections as you can to an accumulator bet or always go for the biggest odds.

For example, good odds on one team means that it is considered the underdog, and while it may seem tempting, betting on them is already risky in itself. Now, if you add multiple bets like that to your accumulator bet, the chances of you making a winning bet plummet.

Instead of always chasing huge wins and taking big risks, you should set a strategy for winning accumulator bets. One of the best ways to win football accumulators is to limit the number of folds you will use in an acca bet or make sure that the overall odds don’t go over a specific threshold. This will limit the risk you undertake with every accumulator bet and ensure that you win big in case your wager is successful.

5. Mix Things Up

The last tip we have to help you learn how to win football accumulators is to simply tell you that you shouldn’t be afraid to mix things up. Instead of always placing the same bets, you can add a little variety to your bets by betting on different markets.

For example, betting on a match’s outcome is the most common type of bet, and many punters believe it is actually the easiest bet to predict. However, there are many other bet types, and a few of them are a lot easier to predict. Some of the easiest bets to win that you should use in your accumulator bets are double chance or over/under bets. While these types of bets have lower odds, adding a few to your accumulator bet can help reduce the risk and win on football accumulators.

Additionally, you can even add bets from different sports to your accumulator bet. If you enjoy betting on sports other than football, and a bookie happens to be offering good odds for that particular selection, make sure to add it to your bet.


Accumulator bets are the peak of betting and will put your football knowledge to the test. While there is no single proven strategy that works the best for accumulator bets, knowing how to win football accumulators is all about taking different betting aspects and using them to your advantage. It requires knowledge of the sport you are betting on, the betting markets, bookies and their selections, the odds, and much more.

Of course, even after learning everything there is to know about accumulators and betting, you still won’t be able to win every single accumulator bet you place. However, using our tips and tricks whenever you are betting will certainly improve your odds of placing a winning accas, so make sure to do your best to stick to our five simple tips and tricks for winning accumulator bets.