Maurizio Sarri’s First Press Conference as New Chelsea Manager

by D. Djokic  ·  July 19, 2018

Maurizio Sarri took the position as Chelsea’s head coach to replace Antonio Conte who’s been sacked by the club just a few days earlier. On July 18th, the former Napoli coach discussed his plans for Chelsea at his first press conference as the Chelsea coach. The 59-year-old discussed Eden Hazard and Thibaut Courtois transfer options, and their future with the club. He also commented on Conte’s leave from Chelsea.

One of the first things the press wanted to know was the future of Chelsea’s strongest players, Hazard and Courtois. Sarri explained that it is in the club’s interest to keep the two players. He made no guarantees about their stay at Chelsea though. UK betting sites have already made predictions about Hazard and Courtois’ moving to Real Madrid before the end of the summer. For now, however, there is no official news about their transfer.

The ex-Napoli coach emphasised that he considers himself more of a field manager than a transfer market manager. Sarri explained further that his primary goal is to grow players that are already a part of the club. Finding new players don’t seem to be in Sarri’s focus at the moment.

After explaining his philosophy about the importance of having fun while managing a team, reporters asked Sarri if Chelsea fans could expect more exciting football in the future. The new Chelsea manager expressed his hopes of adding more fun to Chelsea football. This opened a discussion on whether fun helps win trophies. “Sometimes yes, sometimes not,” said Sarri explaining further that it all depends on various factors.

Chelsea has a reputation of firing managers after two seasons. This is why the press was curious about Sarri’s view on Antonio Conte’s departure from Chelsea. Sarri expressed his admiration for everything Conte did for Chelsea. As far as the duration of Sarri’s spell at Chelsea goes, this doesn’t seem to be his priority right now.

“It is an exciting new period in my career,” said the new Chelsea manager. Chelsea fans are giving Sarri three to twelve months at the club. However, we yet have to see how Sarri will fit in with Chelsea.