What Does Cash Out Mean in Betting? – Beginner’s Guide

by S. Ateljevic  ·  June 11, 2021

If you are a betting enthusiast, you already know that long-term success with wagering on the best UK betting sites is not a simple task. Nonetheless, some things can help with this mission, and the so-called cash out option leads the charge.

The cash out mechanism has been around for a while, but many punters are unfamiliar with the concept. If you have been asking “What does cash out mean in betting?”, you have come to the right place.

Our extensive guide covers the topic and provides real-life examples. Therefore, it can serve as a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about cash out in betting.

The Six Quick Facts

  • The cash out option allows punters to close the position before the match is settled.
  • By opting to cash out, punters will forfeit the wager and collect at least some profits.
  • The cash out option can let you collect more or less than the original stake.
  • The cash out feature is the betting industry’s standard, available on all new betting sites.
  • Most betting platforms offer two categories of cash out: full (auto) and partial.
  • Many punters incorporate a cash out option into their betting strategies.

To cover the topic adequately, we’ll begin by explaining the actual cash out meaning in betting. After that, we’ll move on to complex elements and the types of these options. Both betting sites and the best betting apps provide various mechanisms for cashing out, and you only need to reap the benefits.

However, there’s more to it than might seem, and the cash out mechanism can be a double-edged sword. If you want to master the art of cashing out, you should start with the basics.

What Does It Mean?

In essence, the cash out option is a deal you make with a bookmaker to get your money back before the end of an event. Therefore, the term cash out is pretty self-explanatory because you are taking your cash (stake, investment) out of the bookie’s hands.

Of course, this versatile phrase appears in many other areas, including finance and real estate. We’ll stick to the betting realm and focus on what it means to cash out on an online betting site.

The idea is to cut your losses and lock onto profits before the end of the event. The other name for the cash out mechanism is buy out, and it adequately describes the concept. Depending on the type, the cash out option can provide you with more or less money you initially staked. Here’s how it all works.

How Does It Work?

Nowadays, the cash out feature is on the menu on almost every online betting site. Of course, the usage is optional, and it all depends on your preferences. However, the factor determining the use of the cash out feature relates to the specific situation of each wager.

Namely, punters typically reach for the cash out button when things have gone south, and the bet is on its way to becoming a losing one. Yet, bookies will not always let you cash out, and a couple of variables are at play here.

Can you cash out on a betting slip if one of the selections looks like it’s going to lose? Yes, most bookmakers will allow for cashing out, as long as you are betting on a reputable website. Shady and unregulated platforms might prevent cashing out, so check out the list of top-quality new betting sites before joining the online betting realm.

On the other hand, you can also cash out if your selection is about to win, but you don’t want to wait till the end. After all, surprises are always possible in the world of sports, and last-minute goals have sent many a bet slip directly into the bin.

What Happens When You Withdraw?

The cash out feature has a relatively straightforward concept. Once you activate it by clicking the appropriate button, a specified amount of money goes your way, and the bet is closed. In most cases, bookies will show the projected winnings to let you know how much you can cash out.

To be precise, bookmakers won’t offer the same amount if your selection has strong odds to win as they would if the chances were slim. For instance, if Arsenal leads 1:0 with five minutes to go, punters can withdraw much more than if the Gunners were to trail by one. Betting sites with cash out options continuously calculate the probabilities, and complex algorithms will quickly determine the amount you could receive by opting to cash out.

The cash out feature is a hassle-free method for locking in profits, regardless of the event’s outcome. As we said, you can cash out at any moment between the kick-off and the final whistle, with bookmakers adjusting the offering according to the situation on the pitch or race track.

If your wager has low odds of winning, the amount for cashing out will be lower than the initial stake. On the other hand, a favourable position will cause a more generous amount for cashing out, much higher than the original wager.

What Is Partial Withdraw?

Withdrawing your bet can be a tough call to make, especially if you wagered a hefty amount. However, many punters can’t afford the risk, and that’s why betting sites provide the option of partial cash out.

As the name implies, this option will let you buy out only a portion of the stake. The remaining amount leaves the bet open until the end of the event, resulting in a win or loss. As a rule of thumb, betting sites provide a slider feature for the partial cash out. You can adjust the amount you wish to collect by moving the slider up and down or left and right. All the while, the remaining amount will let you have a shot at winning the bet.

The Strategy

These days, most punters use the cash out option in live betting, but pre-match markets are also suitable for cashing out. For instance, a savvy punter could use this feature when betting on an accumulator. If four out of your five selections play on Saturday and they all win, you can cash out to avoid the risk of losing the entire bet on Sunday.

In a way, that’s the actual point of cash out, meaning that this feature helps with minimising the risks and reducing frustrations caused by last-minute result changes.

Likewise, many punters turn to cash out when their money is locked in long-running bets, such as ante-post betting. For example, if you placed a bet in August on Liverpool to win the league, you would have to wait for the outcome for almost a year. Thus, cashing out can help with liquidity.

Nonetheless, we should mention that no cash out betting strategy can guarantee long-term profits. The reason hides in the commission, i.e., a cut taken by bookmakers. In other words, the cash out amount will rarely offer positive value to the punter, and you are unlikely to have the edge over bookies in the long haul.

The alternative would be to use the so-called hedging method — betting on the other side of the market opposite your selection. By hedging your bets, you should make a profit regardless of the match outcome.

What Is the Best Site for it?

We already mentioned the importance of signing up only with legitimate betting platforms if your goal is to have a prosperous betting career. Plus, the best UK betting sites will provide the most favourable options for cashing out. Even massive amounts shouldn’t be an issue when betting with renowned betting houses.

After googling “what is cash out” and learning more about the topic, head over to our home page and browse through the selection of the top-rated platforms. The likes of bet365, William Hill, Paddy Power, and Ladbrokes are always a safe bet, but you’ll also find generous cash out options on Betfair, BetVictor, and many others.

Final Thoughts

As you could’ve seen, the cash out option provides several benefits, but it comes with a few drawbacks as well. Thus, punters should use it with caution and only opt to cash out when circumstances demand such an approach.

Of course, it all starts by answering “What does cash out mean in betting?” and applying the knowledge to your bets at the best online betting sites.