The Ultimate Guide to Tennis Betting Systems and Strategies

by S. Ateljevic  ·  April 29, 2021

At first glance, tennis is a straightforward game with two players tossing the ball over the net. Yet, as rallies get longer and longer, an observer quickly realises there’s more than meets the eye with tennis. Betting on the game follows the same concept, and tennis betting’s intricacies often confuse novice bettors.

So, if you want to profit from wagering on tennis, it’s crucial to get a profound understanding of tennis betting systems and methods. By doing so, you’ll be on your way to success. Tennis matches are on the menu every day, all year round, so there’s lots of money to be made by betting on Djokovic, Osaka, and the rest.

The 8 Quick Facts:

  • People have been playing and betting on tennis for centuries.
  • Tennis betting offers only two-way markets because there is no draw.
  • Punters can bet on tennis seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  • The odds on favourites in tennis typically offer low-value returns.
  • Over/under and handicaps are popular tennis betting markets.
  • In-play betting on tennis is a fast-paced betting method offering hefty rewards.
  • Money management in tennis betting is essential for long-term success.
  • The best UK betting sites provide lots of data and statistics to help with betting on tennis.

As you probably know, tennis comes with unique rules and regulations. The scoring system differs from any other sport, making the game exciting and extravagant.

Of course, the peculiar nature of tennis affects the betting options. Therefore, it’s best to start this tennis betting guide by explaining the basics. After that, we’ll move on to more complicated elements, including the systems and strategies necessary for maximising returns.

Tennis provides a constant supply of betting opportunities, with events taking place from January till December. The four Grand Slam tournaments attract the most attention, but second-tier competitions and national cups are also eye-catching. So, let’s see what you need to do before placing the first wagers on tennis.

How To Bet?

Profitable tennis betting starts by understanding the options and knowing how to read betting odds. These days, new betting sites can offer many innovative markets for betting on tennis, and you should stay informed at all times.

Nonetheless, the starting betting option for most bettors would be the standard ‘to win’ bet. As the name implies, punters use this method to predict the winner of a match. Thus, win bets are the most straightforward tennis betting option you will find.

But when someone asks how to bet on tennis and win big, straight bets might not be the answer. Many other markets offer better returns, primarily because the odds offered on favourites in tennis are low. For instance, Djokovic has dominated the tournaments over the last couple of years. As a result, the odds of him winning a match would not yield generous returns.

That’s where handicap betting and each-way bets step onto the scene, together with betting systems. Other betting markets could also play a role in your betting strategy, including over/under options and live betting. Let’s check them out one by one.

What Are The Systems?

As in any other activity, a systemic approach often yields the best results. In other words, never go into battle unprepared and without a plan. In tennis betting, this means doing the proper research and coming up with a strategy to raise your game.

Luckily, tennis is a sport packed with statistics and relevant data. By analysing the numbers, bettors can find value bets and gain an edge over the bookies.

An efficient tennis betting system will remove emotions out of the game and give structure to your investments. More often than not, betting systems teach players to rely on statistics and avoid making ‘gut calls’ when betting. Without strategic thinking, your betting career could be over before you know it.

Since the market offers hundreds of systems and strategies, it’s essential to choose one suitable for your style and preferences. Yet, aspiring bettors should know that no one will give them a working, effective system for free. It’s the same way KFC or Coca-Cola protect their secret recipes.

So, how to find a system and how to win in tennis betting? One option is to create a strategy from scratch, while the other includes paying for some of the market’s best betting systems.

Anyone can design a betting system, but only a handful of those blueprints will turn to gold. Here are some elements to consider when creating a plan for betting on tennis:

  • Risk to reward ratio
  • Convenience and ease of use
  • Mathematical complexity
  • Adaptability and scalability

When betting on tennis, systems and strategies should minimise risks and provide returns over the long haul. As a rule of thumb, plans offering instant rewards might be a scam. The goal is to find a reliable pattern that can make continuous profits over an extended period.

Admittedly, many variables are at play, so don’t expect a simple task. If it were easy, everyone would do it. To help with the process, we should now cover the fundamental tennis betting options you should include on your bet slips.

How To Bet on Over/Under?

The first bets we should mention are over and under betting markets. Their names are pretty self-explanatory, and the bet placement process should be effortless. Thus, over/under options can be a perfect addition to a betting system.

In essence, tennis offers two categories of these bets. Bettors can predict the number of sets in a match, with the reference point being at 2.5. Or they can place a wager on the number of games in the entire contest. In this case, the limit typically stands at 22.5 or 23.5.

What Is an Each-Way Bet?

Another exciting betting option to include in your betting system could be each-way bets. Much like in horse racing betting, each way propositions extend the margin of error, allowing your selection to finish first or second. In return, these wagers require double the stake.

When we translate this to tennis, your each-way bets will yield a return if the player enters the finals. Of course, you would make much higher profits if the selection would go on and win the tournament.

Even so, many bettors shy away from each-way options because these bets require higher stakes but offer moderate returns.

The Handicap Bet

If you are hunting for sizable returns, handicap betting could be up your alley. After all, handicapping is in use across modern sports, and tennis is no exception.

We already mentioned how bookmakers offer low-value odds on the favourites in tennis matches. By placing a handicap, bookies increase the odds because the favoured player now has an allocated disadvantage. In other words, he or she must overcome an extra obstacle to win.

Handicaps in tennis come as deducted or allocated games. In other words, it can be positive or negative.

The Live Strategy

Finally, we should now explain how in-play tennis betting can boost your profits. Many bettors specialise in the live betting method because tennis offers a perfect environment for this strategy.

Because of the serving rhythm and the changes of sides on the court, tennis offers enough time for in-game wagers. Primarily, bettors aim at predicting the break, i.e. when a player loses the serve. So, by focusing your tennis live betting strategy on this element, you could improve your long-term profits.

Arguably, live betting is suitable for quick returns and short-term betting systems. This method requires fast reactions and efficient live streaming service. Nonetheless, game by game, point by point, live betting will keep you glued to the screen and also boost your understanding of tennis.

What To Consider When Making a Strategy?

We already listed some elements to consider before making a tennis betting plan. Remember, an optimal betting system will yield returns without exposing your bankroll to massive risks. In other words, the stakes should stay at a reasonable level. Likewise, the mathematics should be as straightforward as possible, allowing you to calculate the returns with ease.

When betting on tennis, systems should focus on a particular element of the game or a specific player. For example, your strategy could be to bet on the number of aces in matches when a strong server will meet an average returner. Or you could specialise in making accumulator bets listing the three or four top-seated players.

Speaking of tennis players, a savvy bettor will always pay attention to the following aspects before putting money on the line:

  • Head-to-head record and win-to-loss ratio
  • The current form and past performances
  • Injuries and current fitness levels
  • Motivation and mental state
  • Surface type and the weather

By going through a tennis betting guide, you can learn more about these factors. In any case, the idea is to analyse the players, learning as much as possible before the match. For instance, injuries sometimes affect the mental state, causing a dip in form. Likewise, previous encounters between two opponents can tell you a lot about the upcoming match.

Also, a tie break is likely when two powerful servers meet each other. Thus, bettors should adjust their betting system to accommodate such information.

Conclusion: How To Make Money?

As you could’ve seen, successful tennis betting requires lots of dedication. Proper research takes time, mainly because tennis comes with a broad range of statistics and data.

Simultaneously, bettors should apply money management techniques and stay disciplined at all times. Of course, you could try the famous systems such as the Martingale or Fibonacci. Yet, most bettors would be better off by creating a personalised tennis betting system. See what works best through trial and error and then stick to the strategy for an extended period.