Liverpool Signs Brazil’s Alisson Becker for a Record £66.8m Fee

by D. Djokic  ·  July 20, 2018

On July 19th, Liverpool have signed Brazil’s goalkeeper Alisson Becker. The club reached an agreement with the 25-year-old according to which Alisson will stay with Liverpool until 2024 for a record fee of £66.8 million. The Liverpool signing made Alisson the most expensive goalkeeper in the world. The ex-Roma player will replace the Reds’ goalkeeper Loris Karius as Liverpool’s first choice goalie.

“He is the Messi of goalkeepers, because he has the same mentality as Messi. He is a goalkeeper who can define an era,” said Roberto Negrisolo, Roma’s former goalkeeping coach. Had Liverpool discovered Alisson sooner, the price tag for his transfer would’ve been significantly lower.

Namely, after signing with Roma in 2016, Alisson had zero starts with the team during his first season. At that time, the 25-year-old wanted to ask Roma to sell him. All that changed the following season when Wojciech Szczesny signed with Juventus, allowing Alisson to show his full potential. And he did exactly that, helping Roma take the third place in the Champions League.

The Reds boss often said that the club is in favour of keeping their players rather than replacing them. Klopp believes that it is better to wait for them to improve their problematic areas and step up their game.

However, this doesn’t seem to be happening with Loris Karius. The club haven’t forgotten German’s catastrophic performance at the Champions League final. His chances of making up for that performance have decreased drastically since Alisson joined the club. According to predictions of the best Android betting apps, Karius might sign a deal with Chelsea if Thibaut Courtois leaves. There’s still no official news on that topic.

“In terms of my life and my career, it’s a huge step for me being part of this club and this family,” said Alisson.