How to Win Football Bets Every Time and Beat the Bookies

by S. Ateljevic  ·  April 10, 2021

Betting is an excellent way to spice things up and make any football match thrilling. With the right type of bet, even the clean sheet games can prove to be exciting. However, it’s difficult to always win a wager, especially if you’re inexperienced or you just hit a dry spell, and no matter what you do, you end up losing. If you enjoy betting but you’re tired of a nerve-wracking losing streak and you’re pouring money down the drain, you’ve come to the right place. We will show you a few proven strategies and teach you how to win football bets every time without exception. Before you know it, you will be making money left, right, and centre.

10 Quick Facts and Tips to Win Football Bets

  • Matched betting and arbitrage betting guarantee profit regardless of the outcome.
  • Betting Gods and Tipster are some of the best platforms for betting tips.
  • Stay impartial when betting. Trusting your heart or gut can hurt your wallet.
  • Swap bookmakers often and take advantage of their promotions.
  • Over/under, BTTS, draw no bet, and double chance are the easiest football bets to win.
  • You can bet on multiple selections and win big with the accumulator bet.
  • Everyone loses bets every now and then, so don’t let it get to you.
  • Betting at high odds is not necessarily more profitable, especially in the long run.
  • Football is the most popular sport for punters in the UK.
  • Some expert punters made betting their career choice.

Get as Much Information as You Can

If you want to learn how to bet on football in the UK, the first thing you should do is to learn about the sport inside out. After all, the more information you have, the easier it will be to place a good bet. This includes knowing everything about the league or tournament’s fixtures you are betting on, learning about the teams’ rosters, strategies, formations, and much more.

This will help you learn how to bet on football in the UK and other leagues. Moreover, it will help you easily determine whether a team is fighting for survival in the group or is trying to avoid relegation, which can greatly affect its morale and performance. 

In contrast, a team that is already through the group stages may not play its best because its coach is trying to rest the team’s key players or doesn’t want to risk injuries.

Additionally, you can easily win money on football bets by something as simple as knowing the team’s rosters. It will allow you to notice changes in formation and starting lineups, which can potentially affect the game’s outcome and your wager.

Master the Betting Markets

Once you get to know everything there is to know about football and the match you are betting on, it is time to focus on the actual bets you are placing and learn how to win football bets every time by mastering the betting markets.

As you may already know, there are dozens of different bet types you can place. However, while some of them appear a lot more appealing than others, they are also a lot riskier.

If you are a new punter and are learning the ropes, there are several easy bets to win that we recommend you should stick to initially. These bets are: both teams to score, draw no bet, double chance, and over/under goals:

  • A double chance bet allows you to bet on two outcomes, and you can bet on either team to win, or on one team to win and a draw.
  • Draw no bet is one of the easiest football bets to win. With this type of bet, you can only bet on either team to win. In case of a draw, the bookmaker will return your initial stake.
  • The both teams to score bet is self-explanatory. The match’s result doesn’t matter with this type of bet, as long as both teams score a goal.
  • Lastly, with over/under types of bets, a bookie will propose a line, and you will bet whether there will be more or fewer goals than the proposed line. There are many types of easy over/under bets to win, such as betting on the number of corners, yellow cards, and more, but the goals one is by far the easiest.

These types of bets are significantly easier to predict than, let’s say, if you were to place an outright bet or bet on the correct score of a match. Naturally, the odds on these easiest football bets to win will always be slightly lower than with other types of bets, but they are a lot less risky and can pay off in the long run.

Follow the Betting Experts And Their Predictions

If you don’t feel like investing hours of your time into doing research, you can always let someone else do the heavy lifting for you. One of the best ways to win on football bets is to simply follow a betting expert, copy their predictions, and bet on the same selections as they do, rather than doing all the hard work.

Betting experts have years upon years of experience. Some of them have even dedicated their entire careers and made betting their profession.

Granted, while anyone can proclaim themselves a betting expert, not all of them can actually help you learn how to win big on football bets. For that reason, some betting platforms allow only vetted and verified bettors to make predictions on their platform. While some of these betting experts may even charge a fee for their service, they also have a proven track record of successful predictions and boast a significant return on investment.

Change Bookmakers 

There are hundreds of different bookmakers in the UK, but none is perfect. For that reason, one of the best tips to win football bets we can give is to start with the very basics. Instead of always betting at the same place, simply find the bookie that gives better odds for a specific match you think of betting on.

Even though this might not sound like a big deal, the small difference in bets eventually adds up, and it can bring you hundreds of pounds in potential winnings.

Apart from the odds, another way to win money on football bets is through promotions, which is yet another reason you should regularly bet at different bookmakers. For example, many bookies offer the so-called ‘Price Boost’ promotion, where they will give you much better odds for a specific match.

Moreover, you can always take advantage of the free bet promotions and use them for matched betting, which we will explain next. 

Take Advantage of Arbitrage and Matched Betting

One of the best ways to win on football bets is through arbitrage and matched betting since these football betting strategies guarantee you the win, no matter the outcome. However, while arbitrage and matched betting spell easy money, they also have disadvantages.

Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting is most often used in sports where only two outcomes are possible. Even though it can also be used in football, the opportunities where this strategy is applicable are scarce. To make this strategy work in football, you will need to use a betting exchange or rely on the draw no bet markets. In other words, you want to eliminate a draw from the list of possible outcomes.

Arbitrage betting allows you to take advantage of the difference between the odds offered by bookmakers and betting exchanges. If you wish to learn how to win football bets every time, then arbitrage betting is the way to go. However, an important thing to know is that even though you can always lock profits this way, its biggest con is that it is not always possible to carry out.

Namely, to use this strategy, you will need to find a match where arbitrage betting is applicable. This means finding a match where the difference in odds between a bookie and a betting exchange is significant enough for you to make a profit. The easiest way to do that is with the help of websites like Oddschecker and various online arbitrage betting calculators.

Once you have a game where you can apply arbitrage betting, it is time to learn how to win football bets every time with the help of this system. First things first, you should make a bet at a bookmaker. Let’s say that you are betting on Chelsea at the bookie. Afterwards, you will head to a betting exchange and you will bet against Chelsea, which means betting on every other outcome apart from Chelsea winning.

However, you also need to know how much to bet and where. For example, let’s say that a bookmaker is offering the odds of 1.43 for Chelsea to win, while the betting exchange is offering the odds of 3.9 to lay against Chelsea. If we were to bet £100 on Chelsea at the bookmaker, we would win £143.

One of the tips to win football arbitrage bets and make your life a lot easier is to use an online arbitrage calculator. By doing so, you can easily calculate that you need to bet £36.7 at the betting exchange to make a profit. If you win, you will secure £36.7 x 3.9 = £143.13 from your wager at the betting exchange.

Since we bet £100 at the bookmaker and £36.7 at the betting exchange, our total expenses are £136.7. However, we are going to win either £143.13 or £143, which means we are guaranteed to make a profit regardless of the outcome. In case Chelsea wins, you will make a profit at the bookmaker, and in case of a draw or Chelsea losing, your profits will be secured at the betting exchange.

While you won’t really learn how to win big on football bets with arbitrage betting because the difference in odds won’t be really that high, you are guaranteed to make a profit if you execute the strategy properly. Moreover, a similar strategy can be used between two different bookmakers, but in this case, you would need to specifically look for good odds on draw no bet markets. This way, you can have your initial wager returned in case of a draw.

Lastly, another way to increase your chances of taking advantage of arbitrage betting is to use Price Boost promotions. In this case, a bookie may significantly boost the odds of a specific market. If other bookmakers retain “regular” odds, you can use these newly boosted odds for arbitrage betting.

Matched Betting

Matched betting is a form of arbitrage betting, and just like the latter, this strategy also works 100% of the time. Even though it is one of the easiest ways to win money with football bets, the strategy’s biggest disadvantage is that you can only use it if you have a free bet.

To use matched betting, you need to find a betting site that has an ongoing free bet promotion. Once you register and claim your free bet, you should find a suitable match to bet on. An ideal match for a matched betting strategy would be the one where there are no clear favourites.

Let’s use the same example again and say that you are betting on Chelsea, but this time at the odds of 3.10 at the bookmaker. In this scenario, you should find a betting exchange that offers the odds of 3.15 for laying against Chelsea. 

Because of the vig and relatively small difference in odds, strategies like these wouldn’t really help you learn how to win football bets every time. In fact, they would do the opposite since betting like this would always result in a small loss. For that reason, the difference in odds for arbitrage betting needs to be significant enough to make the strategy work.

However, with matched betting, you are using a free bet promotion, which means you don’t actually have to invest your money. In other words, you are making a profit despite seemingly losing a small amount, which is why matched betting is one of the best ways to win on football bets.

An important thing to know is that in most cases, a bookmaker won’t return your initial stake when betting with the free bet promotions. For that reason, you should bet at a game with higher odds, preferably 8.0 or 9.0. Granted, while you will need more money in your betting exchange account to cover a lay liability, you will get more profit out of your free bet promotions.

Accumulator Bets

Accumulator bets are the pinnacle of betting. They allow you to bet on multiple selections and combine them into a single bet. Naturally, to win the accumulator bet, you need to correctly predict each of the outcomes on your accumulator bet.

The most efficient ways to learn how to win football accumulator bets is to use all of the tips and tricks we’ve shown you to make a winning accumulator bet. Keep in mind that some bookmakers might have specific terms and conditions for accumulator bets, especially if you are making one after claiming a bonus. However, the rule of thumb for accumulators is to make a selection of aforementioned easy bets to win and combine them into one slip.

Despite the low odds of these bets, the number will add up, increasing your payout based on the number of selections you add to the accu bet.

While accumulator bets have the potential for much bigger payouts than usual, they are also a lot riskier to make. For that reason, we recommend that you place accumulator bets only once you have mastered our tips to win football bets.


Betting is a risky business, and you should be prepared to lose a bet or two along the way. An important thing to remember is that learning how to place good bets won’t happen overnight, and it may take a while to become a successful punter. However, as long as you stick to our tips, we are positive that you will learn how to win football bets every time, especially if you rely on strategies like matched betting and arbitrage betting.