Esports Bookmaker Conquers Sports Betting

by S. Ateljevic  ·  May 6, 2021

Punters of the world now have another betting site where they can place bets on both traditional sports and esports.

Winners Malta Operations Ltd has decided to expand the offering at one of its most popular esports betting sites, Until now, this site was dedicated to esports betting, amassing a large player base thanks to the lucrative welcome bonuses and large esports selection covering all major esports leagues. Now, the site is expanding into the territory of traditional sports, and what an expansion it is. Punters who prefer footie and other popular sports will find more than 40 choices to bet on, along with more than 200 events that include both pre-match and live-betting options.

“Although we remain an esports-focused brand, we fully understand that many of our customers also enjoy more traditional sports as well. In order to deliver on our aim to provide an unrivalled user experience, we are completing our product set with traditional sports betting after having launched with esports and recently having added casino games as well,” said Savak Limbuwala, COO of

The expansion of the betting site didn’t happen overnight, though.’s team worked for more than a year on developing the sportsbook, analysing the market, and listening to the players. This bookmaker, Limbuwala says, didn’t just blindly enter the world of sports-betting apps. Player feedback is everything, so the company had to take a lot of data into consideration instead of making a “designed-by-committee” site.

Even though this was quite a significant expansion for the bookmaker, the company is far from done when it comes to exploring new markets. Looking into the future, the bookmaker confirmed that it would continue working closely with its player base to keep delivering the best possible product.

It is very rewarding to reach this initial launch milestone, and while we are all very pleased with what we’ve built here, there is so much more to come, and we look forward to users taking this journey with us,” added Limbuwala.