by N. Vasiljevic  ·  March 12, 2020

When it comes to the gambling industry, the definition of high-profile betting operations should be an established brand, rich with betting options, and unique bonuses. In this Betfair review, we’re going to show you exactly that.

Founded in June 2000 in the UK, Betfair had its ups and downs, running their business on loans, and finding success years later, even taking a spot on the list of London Stock Exchange in 2010.

Today, Betfair UK is a true force, and it comes packed with promo codes, sign up bonuses, revolutionary in-play betting system, and an astounding library of games.


Currently, Betfair supports smartphones and mobile devices, running on Android and iOS operating systems. The app is available on the Betfair website, Google Store, and Apple Store. On top of that, the Betfair mobile app is very easy to install.

All you have to do is download the app from either the website or an online app store. The installation process is mostly the same for all options, its a brief and simple process with inconsiderable waiting time. Also, there aren’t any major issues across different platforms and you should be able to access any feature as soon as the app installation is complete.

The app lets you check the odds, bet in-play, deposit and withdraw funds. However, it’s worth mentioning that the app could go the extra mile when it comes to design.

Overall the app is responsive and retains amazing UI and UX across all devices, making it a great option for exploring Betfair’s gambling services.

Available Gambling Options

Betfair also offers apps for trading and strategy analysis, and it also has various betting apps available. With the Betfair mobile app, you can access a multitude of gambling options such as casino, poker, and sportsbook.

Betfair also offers their ‘exchange’, which is a special type of betting system that allows players to bet against each other without a bookmaker. They can offer or request odds from their fellow players which allows for more betting options, as well as more control from the gambler’s side while reducing gambling risks.

Users can also play casino games. Casino games include blackjack, roulette, live poker, slots, and table games. At the time of writing this Betfair review, notable casino bonuses are ‘25 free spins for new players’, a £100 deposit bonus, and a £400 deposit bonus for live casino games.

There is also Betfair Poker. Online poker is probably the biggest player in the online gambling industry, and you should try this on the app. The gameplay is smooth, responsive, and most of all, fun to play. There are several bonuses including a welcome pack, which gives you a 200% multiplier (up to £1000) and free poker tournament tokens, as well as other ‘regular’ promos.

Finally, there’s the Betfair Sportsbook. The sportsbook provides awesome odds for gamblers, as well as over 15 sports available for betting. However, Betfair’s sportsbook has the worst bonuses and promo offers out of all app options. The thing is that sportsbook offers almost no bonuses, and has fewer promotions than other betting apps. Still, that’s a minor flaw compared to other positive Betfair features.

Finest Features

Betfair comes with notable features, such as cash out, In-Play bets, and a Price Rush Boost. It’s such a fine combination that it adds a layer of depth which is rare even among top betting apps.

Cash out is a special option that allows punters to lock in their profit or loss before the end of an event. And the player may combine it with their Betfair free bet to reduce betting losses. Betfair does the math, offering you a price in real-time based on your current bets based on the live market prices.

In-Play bets, as the name implies, are the bets that take place after an event started. It gives bettors a unique chance to see what’s happening after the game started, and then place their bets.

Then, for the Betfair Casino and other apps, there is the Price Rush Boost. The Price Rush Boost happens once in a while, and it multiplies the odds of your bet. You don’t have to pay a commission for this perk. And, it calculates or “rushes” to follow Betfair terminology based on the Exchange app.

In reality, an average gambler uses them as a part of the immersive, total gambling experience. And it’s especially easy to get lost in the experience when bonuses become a part of the story.


Rest assured that Betfair has a fantastic bonus offer. First, there’s the Betfair sign up bonus. And, the amazing thing about it is that there are different forms of sign up bonuses, based on the app you are using. If you use the general app, downloaded from the Betfair website, then you get a free £20 Exchange Bet. It’s available as soon as you deposit the money, and if you lose it returns all bets up to £20.

Usually, if you gamble with the mobile app, you can get a sport-specific bonus. At the time of writing of this review, Betfair offers an odd boost and other bonuses as well on their football app. And in our minds, regular bonus offers are something football betting apps must offer.

Then, there is the free £100 Bets Bonus. It works like this. If you place five bets for £10 to get £20, you can then repeat the process five times to win £100. And, of course, you should track down the Betfair bonus code, or other promo codes, to make the most out of your betting experience.

Payment Methods

Betfair offers several deposit and withdrawal methods including credit and debit cards, WebMoney, Neteller, Skrill, Bank Transfer, and PayPal. Using the payment services is a simple process, whether you do it on the desktop or on the betting apps.

As for the withdrawal time, the  Betfair minimum withdrawal time has to go to Skrill. Other methods may take anywhere from 2-5 days, based on the banking method. Also, be aware that Betfair won’t accept cards and bank transfers from their restricted countries.

When it comes to the minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal limit, Betfair has a range of options. Gamblers can make a minimum deposit from £5 to £12, with PayPal being the lowest, and Neteller being the highest.

Then, as for minimum and maximum withdrawal, which is a concern for all players on Betfair, new customer or not, there’s great news. The maximum withdrawal limit is £10 for bank transfer, while other options fall between £1 and £2, and there are some without a minimum withdrawal limit. There are also no hidden fees when withdrawing the money from Betfair.

It alone makes Betfair an astounding betting app. However, Betfair does have a list of restricted countries for their exchange.

Restricted Countries

Betfair is an amazing way to gamble, but its services, including the Betfair Betting Exchange, aren’t available in all countries. The restricted countries are:

France, Israel, Cuba, Sudan, Greece, North Korea, Greenland, Turkey, Iran, Mexico, Portugal, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Slovenia, Lebanon, Congo, China, Thailand, Libya, Japan, Canada, Somalia

However, be aware that there are regular updates and checks at Betfair. Therefore, some countries may get listed and others unlisted. Luckily, you can find about that in a matter of minutes by asking their customer support.

Customer Support

Finally, to make this Betfair review complete, we need to review their customer support. There are a few ways to contact customer support, and those are email, live call, live chat, and social media profiles.

Live chat is by far the most responsive option for customer support. They reply almost immediately, and they are helpful and knowledgeable. Then comes the live call, which is a more direct form of helpful assistance. The only drawback to this method is the waiting time before the operator picks your call up. Also, keep in mind that you and your data are safe from the Betfair login box to the end of the call. As a serious gambling operation, they make sure to protect their clients.

Then, there’s the email. While not as responsive as the previous two methods, email gives the gambler a chance to take their time and explain the issue in detail. However, Betfair is a huge operation, and it may take time for them to answer your query.

Finally, there are social media profiles. But, in all honesty, you can’t expect the high level of support you can get from other methods on social media profiles. In the end, you can use their FAQ page to find information on most of the issues you’ll come across during your time on the platform.

Final Word

There are a few things to say to conclude the examination of the Betfair app. First, Betfair has an amazing number of gambling options, great and diverse bonuses, as well as a great app across different platforms. Also, it’s relatively inexpensive when we look at banking prices. Therefore, Betfair betting deserves to take its rightful place among the best betting sites any player should try.

There are a ton of bonuses and features, and they differ based on the type of gambling. However, each type has a sign-up bonus, as well as other features. There’s so many of these that you could have a separate Betfair review to list them all.

Welcome Bonus Terms and Conditions

New customer offer. Place 5 x €10 or more bets to receive €20 in free bets. Repeat up to 5 times to receive maximum €100 bonus. Min odds 1/2 (1.5). Exchange bets excluded. T&Cs apply.

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